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See the Cincinnati Reds’ Spring Training with a Car Title Loan

If you are a diehard Cincinnati Reds fan, you already know that spring training is in full swing. The team will be perfecting their skills throughout the end of the month, so there’s still time to make your way westward and take in the action for yourself. In addition to getting a pre-season idea of what your favorite team looks like, you will have the opportunity to soak up some desert heat. Plus, after the particularly brutal, seemingly never-ending winter we’ve been having in Ohio, some fun in the sun is much deserved. Spring training can be a fun time for the whole family, but it can also be a costly experience. You must factor in the price of the plane tickets, ground transportation, hotel, food and drink, as well as the tickets to the games themselves. When all is said and done, you could easily be forking over thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is a fast cash solution right at your fingertips: car title loans.

Use a Car Title Loan to Afford Spring Training

For baseball fans, spring training is one of the most exciting times of the year. It is the public’s first viewing of the current season’s team. The tone set during these all-important training games can influence the direction of the entire regular season. If you want to get in on the action without going broke, you can use your car title to secure a loan in no time. That’s right, your vehicle can do more than just get you from point A to point B – the equity can also be used to finance a short-term loan. The amount of your Cincinnati car title loan  will be determined by the current market value of your auto.

We ask you to provide the following car details:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • Estimated mileage

Once you have provided this information, as well as your contact information, we will create a free quote and send it your way. An auto title loan in Cincinnati is a great option if you need money as soon as possible. With spring training concluding at the end of the month, you really don’t have time to waste!

No Credit Check Loans in Ohio

Your low or nonexistent credit score does not need to stand in the way of seeing your favorite home team. After all, one of the great things about the Reds organization is faithful fans like you! Cheering on your team at spring training is yet another way to show your undying commitment. When you get a car title loan, you do not undergo a credit check. Don’t worry if mistakes in the past have negatively affected your score, because we only pull your report in order to verify your identity. You can still get the money you need to finance your trip to Arizona. The lack of a credit check also means you can get your cash faster than ever. Within as little as 24 hours, you can drive away with deeper pockets. This speedy timeline is ideal, because you can collect your cash and book your plane tickets all in a day’s time. If you want to see the Cincinnati Reds’ spring training, but your bank account is not all-star material, take out an online title loan in Ohio today and hit it out of the ballpark. Batter up!

5 Fun Things to Do on Easter

On Easter, many families gather together to celebrate with one another and look forward to new beginnings. Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and loved ones are enjoying each other’s company. If you are looking for fun things to do once April 20th rolls around, check out our list below. We have provided easy ways to spend quality time with your loved ones that won’t break the bank.

Fun Easter activities:

  1. Color Easter eggs – For many families, coloring Easter eggs is a yearly tradition. This activity is quick, easy, and costs only a few dollars. After all, you only need the eggs and the dye! Kids are especially amazed at how quickly a white egg can turn into a beautiful pastel shade. If you want to get extra fancy, decorate your colored eggs with stickers, glitter, or hand-drawn designs – just don’t press too hard!
  2. Organize an Easter egg hunt – Many cities and towns across the country organize large-scale Easter egg hunts, but you can also recreate this fun activity in your own home. Ohio’s weather can be unpredictable, so you can conduct the hunt either inside or outside. Many people buy plastic eggs and stuff them with prizes such as a quarter or a piece of candy. However, you can also use the hardboiled eggs you colored. Scatter the eggs throughout the area and try your best to remember where you put them. Once all the eggs have been accounted for, you can declare an egg hunt champion!
  3. Put together Easter baskets – Both kids and adults enjoy getting an Easter basket full of their favorite goodies. Some families have a tradition of compiling the baskets beforehand and then hiding them around the house on Easter. However, if you did not plan in advance, it is also fun to have your guests make their own baskets on the day itself. Each person can choose his or her favorite items and construct a personalized basket. The adults can even make one communal basket to enjoy throughout the day.
  4. Make brunch – Easter brunch is a well-known tradition throughout the country. In fact, for many families, it is the only time of year they go to brunch! Although it is nice to be pampered at a restaurant, the prices on Easter can skyrocket. If you are looking for a more economical way to carry on this springtime tradition, make your own brunch. If you are feeling ambitious, you can prepare or cook the entire meal by yourself. However, it is also fun to have a potluck and ask each guest to bring a certain item. Before you know it, you will have a nice spread of all your favorite brunch items. Don’t forget to toast the special occasion with a mimosa (or two)!
  5. Make bunny cupcakes – Easter is synonymous with bunnies, so why not create a clever take on the unofficial mascot of the holiday? Bunny cupcakes are easy to make and will be a lot of fun for any baker in your life. Don’t worry – there’s no need to be a professional pastry chef in order to ace these sweet treats. Bake yellow-cake cupcakes like normal and top them with white icing – try your best to achieve a dome shape. To make the bunny’s ears, use pieces of fondant or marshmallow and attach them to the top of the cupcake. The face can be constructed using candy decorations and sprinkles. These cute creations are sure to be a hit at your family meal.

There are so many fun and easy things to do on Easter. Most importantly, you can celebrate the holiday by spending relaxing, quality time with the ones you love. There is no need to blow your budget in order to make Easter a day to remember. Try out one (or all) of our practical tips and enjoy this special time of year. Happy Easter!

5 Keys to Financial Relief from Debt

Here’s the bottom line: living with debt is not fun. When you have piles of bills to pay, everyday tasks can become overwhelming. It can be extremely difficult to live in the moment if you are constantly wondering how you will afford rent or even fill up your gas tank. The good news is you do not need to live with a dark cloud hanging over your head. There are simple ways to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and achieve financial relief from debt. Read below to find the best ways to take control of your monetary situation once and for all.

If you are searching for quick financial relief, the following tips will help you become a savvy consumer:

  • Create an emergency fund – Many people fail to establish a healthy emergency fund, so they must dip into their savings once a surprise expense arises. If you plan ahead for the unexpected, you will not be forced to use money allocated for different purposes. Setting aside a portion of each paycheck will prepare you for the future and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Invest – Investing money may sound like foolish advice if you are struggling to keep your head above water, but those who invest in their future are among the most financially stable. Down the road, you will need to be well-equipped for retirement. Being proactive now will prevent a lot of sleepless nights in the future. If your employer matches your 401(k) contributions, start by contributing the maximum amount possible. If a 401(k) is not available, set up your own savings account. Although money is tight now, it is always wise to plan for your later years by setting aside some funds – regardless of the amount.
  • Set a budget – If you are experiencing financial turmoil, it is extremely important to create a budget. In order to get your spending under control, you must know exactly how much money is coming in and how much money is going out. Being mindful of every penny you spend will help you prioritize your expenses. For instance, if you go out to lunch every day during the week, consider bringing food from home. Over the course of a year, you will be amazed at how much you save. Small lifestyle changes can lead to big financial improvements!
  • Pay bills immediately – Many people fall into debt by failing to pay their bills on time. In order to break this bad habit, start paying your bills as soon as they arrive. Paying before the due date prevents overages and late fees that can quickly add up. If you do not have the money to pay your bills on time, consider taking out a fast cash, no credit check loan such as a car title loan.
  • Figure out what you owe – This may seem like common sense, but many people living with debt may not even know how much money they owe. In order to get a better handle on your debt, sit down, gather your bills, and make a simple list or spreadsheet of all your outstanding expenses. It is helpful to write down important facts such as the name of the creditor, your total balance, interest rate, and minimum monthly payment. Once you know exactly where you stand, you can tackle your expenses without feeling completely overwhelmed.

5 Celebrities who Have Endured Financial Hardship

Before the following celebrities saw their name in lights, they were performing routing jobs just like the rest of us. After all, you’ve got to start from somewhere! Although some of the biggest names in movies and music are currently making millions of dollars each year, it is somewhat comforting to know that things weren’t always so easy. The famous individuals featured below all started from humble beginnings and slowly rose through the ranks to eventually become household names. Their lives may be filled with caviar, mansions, Bentleys, and exotic vacations to the south of France now, but back in the day, they were just average people trying to make an honest living. Their rags to riches stories make even the most cynical believe that anything truly is possible in America – the land of opportunity. With hard work, dedication, and a little luck, you can go from working the cash register at your local donut shop to starring in a blockbuster film or recording a platinum album.

Jennifer Aniston – Despite growing up in a show-biz family – both Aniston’s mother and father are actors – Jennifer had to pay her dues. Long before she (and her haircut) became famous, Jennifer was just another young hopeful trying to break into the business. As a struggling actress living in New York City, she paid the bills by waiting tables, working the phones as a telemarketer, and delivering packages via bike.

Tom Cruise – Tom Cruise is one of the most beloved American actors of our generation, but his life wasn’t always so rosy. Growing up in near poverty with an abusive father, Cruise was searching for his place in the world. His strong Catholic faith inspired him to briefly attend a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati in order to become a priest. However, he allegedly sneaked in some alcohol and was asked to leave the school. Tom Cruise’s rags to riches story is a prime example of how life is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Brad Pitt – Pitt came from humble, Midwest beginnings – born in Oklahoma and raised in Missouri. Although he attended the University of Missouri and majored in journalism, Brad felt as if there was something missing inside of him. Two weeks after graduation, his love of film inspired him to head to Los Angeles. Once in LA, Pitt attended acting lessons and worked odd jobs, including dancing around in a chicken suit for a fast food restaurant. That dancing chicken sure has come a long way – he has won People’s Sexiest Man Alive two times!

Madonna – Madonna wasn’t always the superstar performer she is today. Long before she shocked the world with her avant-garde songs and costumes, she spent her early days in Michigan with her parents and five siblings. After high school, she was awarded a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan, but eventually dropped out and headed to New York City. With big dreams but little money, Madonna was forced to work odd jobs to make ends meet. Most notably, she worked as a cashier at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Times Square. In true Madonna fashion, she made a dramatic exit by reportedly squirting jelly filling all over customers.

Jon Bon Jovi – Jon Bon Jovi is known as one of the most all-American singers of our time. His song lyrics reflect the struggles of the blue-collar workers across the country. Growing up in New Jersey, music was in Bon Jovi’s blood. He spent a majority of his adolescence skipping school and participating in musical activities instead. Before hitting it big, Jon Bon Jovi worked as a janitor sweeping floors at his cousin’s recording studio. Recording demo after demo finally paid off when he landed his very own recording contract in 1983 – and as they say, “the rest is history.”

5 No Credit Loan Options

Not surprisingly, having a low or nonexistent credit score can make it quite difficult to get a traditional loan in Ohio. Banks view you as a high-risk candidate, so they are less inclined to offer reasonable loan options. You may feel as if your credit has backed you into a corner, but there are secure ways to borrow the money you need without being judged by your credit score. Here are five reliable alternatives to consider:

  • Use a co-signer – If you want to take out a bank loan, but do not qualify due to your credit score, appealing to a co-signer may be your best bet. It is important to choose your co-signer wisely and make sure he or she trusts your ability to make payments on time. After all, if you make late payments or default, your co-signer may have a blemish on his or her credit report. Before you choose to take advantage of this option, carefully assess your finances and make sure you will be able to settle your debt on time. You do not want your co-signer to suffer on your behalf.
  • Borrow money from family members or friends – Borrowing money from family members or friends can be a great way to get a loan without a credit check. However, it is important to treat a loan from someone you know like a legal business transaction. For instance, make sure everything is carefully documented via a promissory note. Relying on your loved ones during your time of need is fine – as long as both parties know what to expect and you uphold your end of the bargain. It would be a shame for your relationship to sour due to monetary disputes.
  • Payday loans – Payday loans are another way to get quick cash with no credit check. Individuals typically use a payday loan when they need some money before their next paycheck arrives. This type of cash advance is a short-term solution and must be repaid on the borrower’s next payday. Payday loans are similar to title loans, but they are often coupled with extremely high interest rates, because an asset is not used to secure the loan.
  • Home equity line of credit – A home equity line of credit is similar to a car title loan, because you use the current market value of one of your largest personal assets to finance a loan. If you have equity in your property, even after the recent housing crisis, you can take advantage of a line of credit that is low-interest and tax-deducible. Without considering your credit, you can be approved for this affordable option and use the money as you please.
  • Car title loans – Many people with a shaky credit history turn to car title loans in Cincinnati when they need quick financial relief. You can be approved without undergoing a credit check and access your money within a matter of hours. In order to receive cash for your title, you will need to temporarily hand over your title to a lender as collateral. Doing so eliminates the need for a credit check, because the loan is secured by the title. Title loans online have grown in popularity over recent years, because you can get fast cash with no credit check.

As you can see, having bad credit does not mean your chances of getting a loan automatically disappear. There are ways to borrow money that do not involve an in-depth examination of your financial history. Perhaps one of the best ways is to use one of your personal assets as leverage. If your loan is secured by some form of collateral, lenders are more inclined to look past a questionable credit score. Do not let poor or nonexistent credit hold you back any longer. Get the money you need by taking advantage of a no credit loan option today.


You Have Vehicle Equity? Use it for a Cash Loan

Vehicle Equity Loans

Vehicle equity loans can help you unlock the hidden potential in your car. You already use your auto to get from point A to point B, so why not use it to finance a secure loan? By temporarily handing over your title to a lender as collateral, you can borrow thousands of dollars in no time. Due to the fact that your title secures the loan, you will not need to undergo a credit check. Good, bad, or nonexistent credit – we accept it all! You can easily get cash for your car title and drive away with a fatter wallet in no time. That’s right; you get to keep your auto the entire time. We do not want to inconvenience you in any way, so you can continue to drive to and from important destinations. Once your loan has been paid in full, your title will be promptly returned. Getting cash loans for your car title has never been easier, so what are you waiting for? We are ready and willing to serve you at any hour of the day or night.

Cash for Car Title

If you want to easily get cash for your car title, you have come to the right place. Your vehicle is one of your largest personal assets and can be utilized to borrow cash in a flash. There are no hoops to jump through and no red tape. If you want to get a title loan in Cincinnati, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. When you are ready to use your car to get cash, complete the streamlined application on this page. Once we have received your information, you will be sent a free pre-approval estimate. A cash title loans specialist will give you a call to listen to your situation and decide upon the best course of action. You can pick up your funded loan from one of the hundreds of locations throughout Ohio.

How to get cash for your car title:

  • To receive your free estimate, apply online at your earliest convenience
  • Speak with a car title loans in Cincinnati specialist and finalize the details
  • Pick up your cash from a lender near you and drive away in your own car

If you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and feeling as if you can never get ahead, get in touch with us today. We keep your best interests at heart and will not stop until you have money in your hands.

Cincinnati Title Loans

Cincinnati Title Loans has been serving the good people of Ohio for over a decade. We understand our customers lead busy lives, so we always provide speedy, yet accurate service. If the downturned economy has left you feeling out of sorts, we are here to help. Title loans are the perfect solution if you need money immediately and do not qualify for a traditional borrowing option. As mentioned before, credit is not a concern. In this case, the most important piece of the puzzle is your lien-free title. Once you present this document, along with a few other pieces of information, you can finance a secure loan using your vehicle. We specialize in providing cash loans for car titles, so get in touch and see what we can do for you!

Make Valentine’s Day Special with a Car Title Loan

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Although money can’t buy love or happiness, it is certainly helpful to have some in order to create a memorable holiday. Many couples choose to celebrate by having a romantic dinner or buying gifts such as flowers or chocolates for one another. If you are currently single and want that special someone to take notice, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect opportunity. After all, “love is in the air!” In order to make a lasting impression, some sort of grand gesture may be helpful. For instance, you can buy tickets to her favorite musical or cook him a hearty, homemade meal. There are so many ways to express your love – some tactics cost a lot and some cost nothing – but let’s be honest, everyone likes to be showered with gifts once in awhile! If you want to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, but are short on cash, where can you turn?

Car title loans in Cincinnati can help create the February 14th you have been dreaming about. If you have full ownership of your car and the lien-free title, you can get the cash you need in a matter of hours. Want to know the best part? You get to keep your vehicle the entire time AND do not need to undergo a credit check. Pretty nifty, right? Getting cash for your title is incredibly easy. You can apply from any computer or smart phone and receive a free, pre-approval estimate in an instant. Next, a title loans specialist will contact you to explain your options, finalize the remaining details, and set up a customized repayment plan. You can travel to a trustworthy lender in your area and pick up your cash with ease. From start to finish, the entire process takes only hours – giving you enough time to prepare for the big day.

If you have a questionable credit score, there is no need to panic. You can be approved for car title loans online with no credit check. The absence of a credit check makes the approval process as fast as lightning. When you get a title loan in Cincinnati, you will be presented with the lowest interest rates in the industry, as well as a customizable payment plan. Most of our lenders allow you to take as long as 42 months to pay, so you will not need to repay your loan as quickly as you obtained it! We always have your best interests in mind, so if you are interested in getting your hands on some fast cash or simply learning more about this unique borrowing opportunity, give us a call today.

Benefits of getting cash for your title:

  • Only one application to complete
  • Hundreds of locations throughout Ohio
  • Takes only hours to get your cash
  • You can keep your car while you pay off the loan
  • No credit check

Before you know it, you will have the cash you need to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable. When your sweetie opens up a thoughtful present or enjoys a special night on the town, you will be glad you took advantage of a car title loan. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get Away with a Car Title Loan

Frigid temperatures have been sweeping the nation over the past week and everyone seems to be in hibernation mode. The unlucky individuals who must brave the cold are met with howling winds, multiple feet of snow, and slick pavement. In other words, it isn’t exactly a winter wonderland throughout the majority of Ohio. It’s this type of weather that has people dreaming of white sand beaches, turquoise water, and clear blue skies. However, vacations come at a cost. The good news is you can turn your wishful thinking into reality with the help of car title loans in Cincinnati. Title loans are a no credit check, quick cash option. Instead of basing your loan amount on your credit score, we consider the current market value of your vehicle. If you apply for a no credit check loan today, you can be basking in the sunlight in no time!

Bad Credit or No Credit – Approved!

Bad credit or no credit should not hold you back any longer. We realize that many people might be hesitant to apply for a loan, because they are used to being turned away due to invasive credit checks. As mentioned before, car title loans are not based on your credit score. Good, bad, or nonexistent credit – we accept it all! In other words, you can go on your dream vacation whether your credit is sky high or in the tubes. As long as you have full ownership of your car and the lien-free title, you are halfway there.

Additional benefits of getting cash for your title:

  • Only one application to complete
  • No prepayment penalties
  • You can keep your car throughout the duration of the title loan
  • Highly competitive interest rates

Flexible Repayment Plans, Cash in 48 Hours

Flexible repayment plans and cash in 48 hours are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy with bad credit title loans. Getting cash as quickly as possible is a major selling point – especially if you want to plan your getaway for the near future. After all, a tropical destination doesn’t sound so appealing when it’s summertime at home! If you are interested in learning more about your short term borrowing options, we encourage you to get in contact with one of our Cincinnati specialists. He or she will assess your individual situation and point you in the right direction. Do not suffer through this cold spell any longer. A car title loan can be your ticket to paradise, so don’t delay! We look forward to working with you soon.

Title Loans Can Help You Jumpstart Your New Years Resolution

New Year, New Beginnings

December 31st marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new. When the clock strikes midnight, people across the country gather with friends and family members to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Champagne is consumed and kisses are exchanged as everyone jubilantly shouts, “Happy New Year!” Many individuals view New Year’s Eve as a symbolic point in time. This holiday is an opportunity to give thanks for the experiences of the past year and dream about what is to come.

car title loans online

Some Ohio residents choose to celebrate by attending elaborate parties or even heading to Times Square in New York City to watch the infamous ball drop. Whatever your plans, you will need to shell out a pretty penny – especially since many hotels, bars, and restaurants raise their prices on this particular night.

Car Title Loans Online Can Finance Your New Year’s Eve Plans

Luckily, there is a quick and easy way to finance your New Year’s Eve plans. Whether you need money to afford a plane ticket or a ticket to the best hotel party in town, your vehicle title can help you get fast cash.

A car title loan is not based on your credit, so you can be approved with a bad or nonexistent score. The equity in your automobile can secure a loan worth thousands of dollars!

If you are interested in getting cash for your title, we encourage you to learn more about Cincinnati title loans. With locations across the state, there is bound to be a store close to your home or workplace. In some cases, you can even have your money directly deposited into your bank account.

Car title loans online are associated with a speedy turnaround period, because there is a minimal amount of requirements to complete. You will only be requested to provide basic contact and vehicle information. Remember…we do not perform credit checks!

Reasons why auto title loans are the smart choice:

  • Some of the lowest interest rates in the industry
  • Can complete entire cash for car titles application from any computer or smartphone
  • Flexible payment plans that cater to your needs
  • You can keep your car while you pay off the loan

If you want to start 2014 off on the right foot, a car title loan in Ohio is the perfect solution. Your money is just a phone call away, so get in touch now. Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fruitful New Year!

The Benefits of Working with Car Title Companies


 Many individuals search for a loan solution that is safe and efficient. However, getting approved is not always an easy task. If you desire fast cash, applying for a car title (more…)